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I am so excited to be a co-host of the August Edition of The Blog Hobnob!  One of the reasons I started my blog was to join the blogging community and this is such a great way!  If you’d like to know a little more about me, please check out my About me and some of my stories!  Thank you for stopping by, and I hope you link up with us!

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August Edition

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Grateful Monday!

Grateful Monday

I’m pretty sure my child only sleeps bad on Sunday nights to test my Monday’s patience.   The last time I had a bad nights sleep was last Sunday.  She is a smart kid and has it out for me, I’m sure of it.

Despite not getting enough sleep last night I decided to not stay home feeling sorry for myself playing Candy Crush on the couch.  That would have been easier, but I don’t like easy and I hate being lazy.  Makes me feel bad about my day.  So, I signed the oldest up for VBS with her bff from school, got up way too early, dropped her off and hit up Starbucks!  I wont let the Monday sleep deprivation ruin my day!

On a happier note..

1) I am grateful for AIR CONDITIONING.  It might only be hot (hot as in the low 80s, funny huh?) here for a few days a year but I can tell you that a hot house makes me cranky and I’m forever grateful for cool air coming out of my floor vents.  Hall-la-lu-yahh!

2) I am grateful for malls with play areas for kids.  We decided to do some back to school shopping and there isn’t much better than walking way too much at the mall and then sitting down to watch the kids play on a germ infested indoor jungle gym.  They love it and I love the peace and quiet.  Well, its not quiet but my kids aren’t anywhere to be found for at least 10 minutes.

3) I am grateful for nice people.  You don’t always see them and some days you don’t think any exist.  Today I met a ton of nice people and its always nice to know they still exist.

Bonus! I’m still forever grateful for Yumm sauce.  Dinner was so easy and so delish!

yumm bowl

How was your Monday? Start your crazy week off a little better by focusing on what you’re grateful for and not what you’re missing!

Happy Monday!

It’s forever, not just for now.


I’m in it forever.  Forever is such a commitment, but its required.  I have to lead a healthy lifestyle forever.

On my recent trip home I realized what my genes had in store for me.  I have to be healthy now and forever.  I was given one body, one chance and one lifetime.  I saw my parents working on being healthy 30 years from where I am at now.  My parents are trying to fix years of not so great eating and not so great exercise routines or the absent of.  They struggle with their weight and their aches and pains.  Like it or not, this is the genes I was given and I will be dealing with the same if I don’t realize that eating good quality whole foods and exercising regularly is required.  I am so grateful I have a solid year already in my back pocket, I just need to fine tune myself and my reasoning’s. I’m so glad I have been able to finally have it fully “click”.

I have always lost weight for an occasion.  I remember being in high school and not eating the day before prom.  Because that is healthy.  I remember being in college and binge eating but not eating before a certain occasion.  I have been an adult doing crazy diets and crazy workouts just to lose weight.  I have done crazy things to lose the baby weight.  I have lost weight for summer time and I have put on weight because its “just winter time”.  I just caught myself “buckling down” and being more serious because of family pictures and vacations.

This is where it all stops.

I live a healthy lifestyle now and forever.  I have only one shot at a healthy future.  I’m not eating healthy for a certain occasion anymore.  I am eating healthy because I want to live longer, live pain free, live heart attack free ( I can’t keep track of how many my Dad has had), and I want to live feeling good.  I don’t want to feel like crap and I certainly don’t want to be faced with some scary conclusions because I didn’t take care of myself in this moment.

Working out isn’t a “lets be in shape phase”, I will need to workout and be active the rest of my life.  I don’t want to try and rewind my bad choices in a couple decades and live in regret that I didn’t take care of myself.

I’m also not afraid to teach MY kids these same healthy ideas.  I kind of got a few weird looks when my child said “is this healthy” or  “this has a lot of sugar right?”  I don’t care.  I am STILL trying to undo years of bad habits that I learned as a child.  Who hasn’t heard “clean your plate”? I’m still trying to break myself and stopping when I’m full, not when my plate is empty.  What about “you took it, you eat it”.  Again, its another thing I learned as a child that didn’t help a healthy lifestyle of an adult.  I do not care what kind of looks I get, my children will learn what is healthy and what is not.  They also will be taught that McDonalds and such places aren’t healthy and there is no reason to eat there.  Its not part of being a kid to eat there, its part of my duty to teach them to feed their bodies wholesome healthy food.  (Seriously, please stop feeding your kids that crap.  Its nothing but chemicals and byproducts that shouldn’t be in their bodies.  I won’t get started on that soap box.) I vow not to make them clean their plates but teach them to listen to their body and eat what is necessary.

I can’t believe its taken me 30 years to realize that this will be a life long process.  Maybe I have never looked at it before like this, but I’m glad I finally get it.  This isn’t a phase in my life, it is my life and I won’t be that unhealthy person again.

I have once chance at having an easier life ahead of me.

No excuses.



Grateful Monday!

daddy daughter day

I am glad its Monday.  Our lives have been a little cray since June 23rd. I am so ready to get a workout routine down and enjoy the last 40 days of summer!  You can check out my original Grateful Monday post HERE and see why I started them and why I actually love Mondays!  I’m seriously glad its Monday!

1) I’m grateful for no schedule.  We get to do whatever we want until September 2nd.  I just want to spoil the kids with activities.  All school year long I feel like I say “hurry up”, “do your homework”, and “get ready” way way way too much.  I just want to enjoy the kids and summer without having to rush to do a thing.

fishing with girls

2) I’m grateful for my right hand guy.  He took care of the kids all weekend and did all the cooking and cleaning.  He missed them while we were gone and promised them Daddy/Daughter days while he was off.  I got to tag along and relax.  It was great.  Although, he kinda gets too serious about fishing, I mean, its just fishing.

Bonus: I’m grateful my kids aren’t so girly these days.  They played with the fishing worms more than they fished.

3) I’m grateful for the weather here. I feel like I can’t say it enough.  Its the best summer I have ever experienced and I just want to be outside all day.  With that, the “back to school” stuff needs to stay out of my view.  Its making me feel like summer is being rushed and that is not OK! You can’t rush a summer this beautiful.

What are you grateful for?