New use for fabric! Easy Mom Office Decor!

fabric room decor

Do you ever wander through the fabric isles at the craft store and fall in love with fabric but have no real use for it? I have done this on many occasions.  Like cute chevron fabric with those cute birds.  You don’t want to wear it or make curtains with it, but you do love it.

I found a great solution to those lovely fabrics that don’t involve one more unneeded throw pillow or yard of fabric sitting in the corner. Decor!

I recently stole my kid’s playroom and turned it into MY room! They didn’t appreciate their room so I will.  I can decorate it anyway I want to, and I want bright and fun.

You will need:
Picture frames (dented, scratched ugly, doesn’t matter)
Fabric of your choice. (I got 1/4 yard, 1/2 yard and 1 yard depending on your frame size)
Hot glue gun or double sided tape
Pencil for stenciling
Command hooks or hanging system or your choice

I’m telling you its quick and easy!

I found many picture frames of all shapes and sizes and several yards of the fabrics at Joann’s I really loved.

fabric framing

I purchased a bottle of glossy white spray paint. I hate matte paint. Ugh it makes my fingernails hurt. Am I crazy? No.

I stripped the picture frames down to just the wood or plastic part.  Make sure you keep all the back sides and glass, you’ll still need them.

It was nice outside so I laid out a plastic table cloth left over from a Frozen birthday party and spray painted all the sides.  Some picture frames needed a second coat but they were done in no time. So easy!

painting frames

Then I used the back part of the picture frame as a stencil to cut the fabric to the size I needed.

cutting fabric

After they were all dry I put the pieces back together and I was done! It helps to use a hot glue gun to tack tiny bit on the corners to keep the fabric in place. If there isn’t enough stuffing between the glass and the back part of the frame the fabric can fall down.  I grabbed some command strips to hang them because lets face it, I don’t have time for nails and leveling.

fabric decor

Done! It brings so much light and color to the room.  The fabric cost about $10 all together. For the 4″x6″ frames I only needed 1/4 of a yard and for most fabric that was a couple bucks. I think my favorite fabric that I got a full yard of was $6.  Granted if you don’t have the frames you would need to buy those but usually a couple bucks each or I’m sure someone you know has boxes of frames they don’t use, don’t we all?

Happy framing!

Grateful Mondays!

I’m back and my favorite Grateful Monday posts is the great way to get back into blogging.  Between a crazy busy summer, vacation, kids activities, the husband giving me anxiety about job changes, the heat, and just life, I couldn’t use my brain to type.  A two week break was long enough.

grateful monday

One lonely sad week of summer left before the craziness of school starts.  I’m bummed we only have one week of freedom left.  As much as I want it to be Monday to get back to our normal week fun, I am bummed its our last normal summer Monday.

Ok, enough whining.  I am grateful for..

1) Long distant friendships.  I love always having someone to talk to and through the miracle of technology we can be there for each other in some ways that people in our current location can’t be.

2)  Cooler evenings.  Even though the cool evenings show their face as summer is ending, I sleep so much better when its cool.  Less cranky Amber is a plus to any Monday.

3) Miracles.  The husband requested my help moving a 150lb+ safe this weekend.  It somehow slid out of my hand and landed on me.  I don’t know how I didn’t end up with something broken.  I can’t figure that one out.

Bonus: The kids are grateful their dad finally caught them a fish.  Only took 3 fishing trips and a whole lotta worms.


So, its Monday and I refuse to dread Mondays.  What are you grateful for?




Fitness Friday!

fitness friday

Hall-le-lu-yah it is Friday! This has been a long crazy week and I am so glad the weekend is showing its face in a few hours!  I’m excited to be teaming up with Tahnee again from LaneandAlley again for Fitness Friday!  If there is something I need to stay on track with my workouts, its accountability!  Follow us and link up with us!

So this week, I needed to work out.  My brain was on the verge of exploding and working out brings down my stress level.  Its amazing!  On top of regularly working out and eating healthy I had mother nature not on my side.  I can’t say how much I lost this week because I have gained 50lbs of bloating and hormones :)  Next week I will be able to tell but regardless I feel good and I’m proud of myself for staying on track and that is what matters!

Saturday: Ran almost 2 miles.
Monday: Walked roughly 2 miles.
Tuesday:  At home workout (200 jumping jacks/squats/sit ups/50 pushups)
Wednesday: 1 hour of yoga and a jog
Thursday: At home workout


If you have a fitness/health/healthy recipe post you’d like to link up with us, do it below! We’d love to have you!


August Blog Hobnob!

I am so excited to be a co-host of the August Edition of The Blog Hobnob!  One of the reasons I started my blog was to join the blogging community and this is such a great way!  If you’d like to know a little more about me, please check out my About me and some of my stories!  Thank you for stopping by, and I hope you link up with us!

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