Grateful Mondays!


On bunny watch Well, today has come and went.  I feel like the weekend and today flew by since we have been so busy!  We are at the beginning of an all week heat wave (low 80s) so I have some serious motivation to get things done so we can enjoy being outside!  Sorting through all of last years summer clothes is at the top of the list.  My kids need clothes to wear, or so they say.

1) I am grateful for my daughter’s teacher.  She is amazing!  I got to sit in on my little kindergarteners speech about herself.  I got to watch her in her natural setting, it was so cute and eye opening how much she has grown and learned.  Her teacher has really gotten her out of her shell and taught her so much.

2)  Our backyard.  We sat and watched two rabbits eat our weeds for about 30 mins.  This could never have happened in the confines our our cement fenced back yard of AZ!  (pictured above on bunny watch)

3)  Power tools.  I got started on my “mom space” today.  Putting together Ikea furniture.  Enough said. :)

Hope you had a marvelous Monday!
What are you grateful for?



  1. Hello Amber! I’ve been meaning to do this on Mondays more – so here goes. Today I’m grateful for finding out about the film, Fed Up, and for joining the Fed Up Challenge to give up sugar for the next 10 days. This challenge is a big reminder, and kickstart to start watching my special needs kiddo a little closer because we’ve been a little lazy about her nutrition, and it really affects her. Grateful for that much needed kick in the pants! Have a great week!

    • That is awesome! I have also heard a lot about that movie, and I need to watch it! Glad you got the start you needed! You also have a great week!

  2. Melissa says:

    There are so many things that I’m grateful for! First, I’m so grateful for my sister. She made sure she could get a weekend off and come visit. Second, I’m grateful for central air! After spending 5 very hot days without it, I’m so happy to have it working. And lastly, I’m grateful for Addi’s hair! It is so long and beautiful!

    • Central Air for the win!!! Its been so hot these days, I’m so glad we wont be going with out it this year! Addi’s hair is awesome, almost as awesome as our siblings that come and see us! Its a great thing!

  3. Today I’m grateful my youngest is not as cranky as yesterday. Lol. He had his shots updated yesterday at his 9 month check up. :( Makes me sad when he gets cranky and uncomfortable. :) Fingers crossed I get more than 4 hours of sleep tonight!

    BTW, I miss AZ right now. Even though it’s probably a little warmer there right now.

    • Aww! Shots are so sad! I know I feel like garbage after one, and they can’t tell us! Hope you get some sleep! After this hot weather… and I laugh at saying “hot”…I do NOT miss AZ right now! Knowing it will get way hotter this time of year, no thanks! lol

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