My reasons for being gluten free!

my gluten free story|

There is quite a bit of hype going on about being “gluten free”.  No thanks to some late night talk shows and the fact that a lot of people believe its a new fad diet to boost weight loss.  I have been gluten free for a little over a year and I am extremely sympathetic to any person with Celiac Disease and gluten sensitivity.  I cant imagine dealing with this the first part of my life and having a whole lot more restrictions.

In March of 2013 I was eating extremely healthy, working out almost daily, no soda, no fast food and over all really great.  So while being in the best shape of my life I couldn’t figure out why I was having horrible stomach aches.  I always seemed to give myself an excuse for it such as “my stomach can’t handle the protein in eggs” or “I guess I can’t have too much milk.”  However, the day that a banana gave me a stomach ache I knew there was more to the story but I was still in denial.  I spent March 4th in extreme pain.  The pain in my stomach was so bad I almost had to go to the E.R. in the middle of the night.  It was the same pain I was having all these other times but 10x worse.  It eventually went away but I was scared.  I complained to my friend who was gluten free at the time and she told me to give it a try as it had helped her severe nausea.  So, on March 5th, I had enough and gave up gluten.

I really had no idea how gluten could be the trigger to my issues because it wasn’t bread giving me a stomach ache, it was a banana in the morning or any random weird thing.  Honestly, it wasn’t too difficult to start getting rid of gluten as I was already eating healthy.  I bought a loaf of gluten free bread and the rest was history.  Day one was over and no stomach ache.  I hadn’t bought the idea of gluten being my culprit but I stuck with it.  One week down and not another stomach ache.  Too good to be true?  Not when you are dealing with almost daily burning in your gut.  I was a week in and hadn’t felt better so why on earth go back to the dark side?  I didn’t.

I stuck to my anti-gluten diet for a good 3 months before I decided to cheat.  My most favorite thing to eat is sushi.  I love sushi with all my heart.  I made a date of this and I cheated.  I cheated bad.  Sure enough the next morning I had a stomach ache after eating breakfast.  Well there was no denying that what I was doing by cutting out gluten was what I needed to do for my health.  I continued my first year of being gluten free with cheating only for special occasions.  We went on a very special anniversary trip that included the best Filet Mignon ever.  I couldn’t pass that up.  However, each time I cheated the after effects became worse. I now get “gluten brain fog” that is almost as bad as the stomach aches.  It is sickening to know what a food can do to my body.  It’s not worth it.  I ended my first year promising not to cheat again.

Wheat today is not what it used to be.  It has been completely altered and crossbred to do exactly what we want it to do and in the end it is money in corporations pockets.  I also believe this is why I am now having this issue in my late twenties.  Gluten inflames the lining of my stomach so when I eat something such as a banana the acid kills my gut.  My body no longer can handle these new strains of proteins that GMO companies have produced.  Another reason I am completely supportive of the Non-GMO movement.  When you start researching why the food you are eating makes you sick, you learn things you cant un-learn.

Not only has my stomach aches ceased, bloating in parts of my body have disappeared.  I used to have bumps on my skin and they are gone.  I have a whole lot more energy and less afternoon crashes.  I over all feel so much better being free of gluten and I can say I will not go back to eating it.  Ever.  This isn’t a fad and this isn’t a diet that doesn’t work.  This is my body that no longer can handle modern day proteins.  I am proud to be gluten free.




  1. Thanks so much for this post. My sister has been having a lot of health issues, and as I was reading this, so many things sounded just like her. I’m going to talk to her about it – maybe gluten free is the answer for her too!

    • Thank you for reading, Lana! I hope she finds relief! I’m happy to answer any questions too!

  2. I was gluten free for a long time…during my pregnancy I backed off a bit though and didn’t seem to have problems. But I attribute cutting out gluten as one of the reasons why I no longer have the diagnosis of Crohn’s disease. :)
    Why can’t you eat sushi though? Is it because of the tempura on some rolls? and why not filet mignon? I’m guessing because of flour used in prepping it?

    • That is amazing you no longer have that diagnosis. There are so many people that I personally know that have changed their health going gfree! I guess I should have been more specific, but yes the tempura and soy sauce are the culprits with sushi. Those are of course my favorite parts of sushi! Also the filet I am referring to had the most amazing cream sauce on it that is amazing. No longer worth cheating for :( Thanks so much for reading!

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