This mama went cray! (a messy meltdown)

messy room redo

My sweet little girls are the messiest little tornadoes I have seen.  They can turn a clean room into a crime scene in seconds flat.  They aren’t crazy or damaging, they have no clue how to put something away when they are done with it.  I want them to be creative and make creative messes, but I also want them to be respectful.

On a rainy Friday morning I lost it.  For the 300th time they pulled all their toys down stairs and set up shop in the living room.  They have a great play room and a bedroom but they just can’t play in there anymore. Why? They trashed it for the hundredth time and no longer want to go in there.  Why would they want to? I don’t want to so I get it.  I know I should be after them every night to pick up what they got out that day and there is a way to keep up.  I’m a regular mom and let one or two super busy days throw us off and we now have two trashed rooms and a third mess in the living room about to start.

I finally had enough and decided it was time.  Time to get rid of half of their stuff (this sounds drastic but its not) and combine their play room and their bedroom.  I have to resort to my bedroom because they have two rooms they don’t want to use and take over my living room.  Not anymore! This mama deserves her own space and I am going to take it.  This is also a great time for the kids to learn that I am serious and they have to respect what they have.  Since their playroom isn’t a separate room, the mess will be picked up every night before they get their cute little butts in bed.

They weren’t happy with my crazy idea at first, but honestly I think their stuff was over whelming them.  Kids have too much stuff.  They have 4 grandparents, 3 great grandparents, friends, aunts and uncles buying for them.  This was also a wake up call to stop buying crap from the Target dollar isle.  More on that later.  My oldest is six and she isn’t into playing with toys as much as she just wants to cut, draw, color, glue, tape, sing dance and play dress up.  My three year old is more than happy with less stuff.  She has her usual things and the rest of their stuff never gets touched.

I sacked up one giant bag of trash and five bags of toys and stuff to donate.  That is a lot of stuff and a serious waste of money, but it is what it is.  I’m learning from it.  My kids had a say in what we got rid of.  This wasn’t a punishment this was a change of pace for all of us and they understood that they don’t need these underplayed with things and other kids do.  I also made them help me.  When they got tired and frustrated I sent them downstairs, I didn’t want it to be a huge challenge.  Five solid hours later.  Start to finish…

Messy room start to finish



Trust me, I am embarrassed to post the before, but that was two days worth of playing!

I do not know where the energy came from, could be the Venti iced coffee I had that morning.  I am thoroughly happy with the results.  Its been one day.  Here is the best part… I have my OWN space to do whatever I want with it! Its MY office.  I am ecstatic!  Please stay tuned for ” from the ground up mommy space”.  If you are struggling with way too many toys and too many messes, GET RID of the stuff!  They will never know its gone, or at least mine have no idea what they are missing!  Everything has its own place and no more overwhelming pit of toys!  Next on the to-do list (besides my awesome blank canvas of a space) is a ticket/chore system so we don’t have this problem again!  Stay tuned!



  1. I only have one kid (my 6yo girl), but my husband is a SLOB! He’s successfully taught Mini that she doesn’t have to clear her dishes or put anything away. It’s been a work in progress, but I have been trying to break her of her messy ways.
    I came to a breaking point and decided she had too many toys as well. She has a lot of people buying for her and it was just too much. I did a room makeover for her and I force her to purge old toys before Christmas and her birthday in June. I also now bribe her with an allowance so she not only keeps her toys in her room, they are miraculously kept in their bins! She has to keep her room clean and do 3 chores around the house (of MY choosing, not hers! lol) then she gets her money.
    We’re in the same boat. :)

    • I like the chores of your choosing! Thank you for making me feel like I’m not alone! It was really bugging me and I have to remember its normal to a point! Do you find she treats things differently that she has bought with her allowance?

      • Oh absolutely! she understands if she breaks it, it will take her just as long to save up for a new one. Right now, she’s saving up for a Nintendo DS – one of the new ones. DSi or DSx? I don’t know but she wants it! Lol

        • That is amazing! I can’t wait for them to start cashing in their tickets to buy their own things!

  2. Haha! You’re not alone.

    We have 4 kids so I’m trying to find the right balance of stuff to keep so it can be handed down and stuff to get rid of (like you, our extended family buy loads of toys for the kids as well).

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